• International Workplace
  • 20 February 2013

Workplace Law to take part in the Climate Week Challenge

This year Climate Week takes place from 4-10 March and Workplace Law have registered to take part in one of the main events - the Climate Week Challenge. 

Each year over 130,000 people in schools and workplaces take part in Britain’s biggest environmental competition and Workplace Law are extremely excited about our upcoming challenge, whatever it may be! As part of commitment to sustainability and helping our client’s go beyond compliance, this challenge fits perfectly within our objectives.  

The Climate Week Challenge can be done on any day of Climate Week and the Challenge is revealed to organisers one week before the event, so they can read through the materials prior to the day. The actual challenge however should remain a secret from those participating until they begin. 

The Climate Week Challenge itself is an exciting activity for teams of four to six people of any age and is a great way of helping to develop creativity, innovation and enterprise, team-working skills and experience of tackling real-life environmental issues to a deadline.  

For those who want to get involved, it is worth noting that it is completely free to do so, any organisation can take part and an unlimited number of teams can be entered. Furthermore, no preparation is needed and teams are informed that all you need is “a table to work at with pens and paper”. 

Every year sees an exciting new challenge being put forward, and in 2012 entrants were challenged to “make the space around you better for the environment”. One example of the fabulous work that can be produced came from the staff at the Intellectual Property Office in Newport, Wales, who came up with an idea to convert unattractive multi-story car parks into havens for wildlife, where cars would be parked amongst the vegetation and animals.

In 2011 the challenge was to develop a green idea that would make or save money and 16-18 year olds at Prince Henry’s Grammar School, Otley in West Yorkshire, designed a supermarket fridge powered by the movement of the fridge door and energy from nearby sound levels. Off the back of this, Climate Week arranged a workshop run by retail professionals to help the students develop their idea.

There are two versions of the Climate Week Challenge to choose from and contestants have the option of participating in the one-hour or one-day version.

The one-day version is judged nationally by a panel of judges, and although the one-hour version will be exactly the same Challenge as that of the national competition, participants only have an hour to complete it!

Unlike the one-day Challenge, entries will not be entered into the national competition but the best entries will be selected and will appear on the Climate Week website.

Commenting on Climate Week and Workplace Law’s involvement, Environmental Consultant, Kim Greed, said:

“Climate Week is a really good opportunity for any organisation to get really involved in the issues surrounding climate change and sustainability. Although these should be integrated into day-to-day activities throughout the year, Climate Week is a great opportunity for really forward-thinking and enjoyable events.  

“Climate Week itself is a really important event, because it emphasises the need to consider these vital environmental issues. For those with jobs outside of facilities or environment, it is a chance to get involved, and to consider the implications and responsibilities associated with climate change.”

Kim added:

“Workplace Law are very excited to be taking part in the challenge this year, and staff from all departments are looking forward to the team-based exercises and light-hearted competition which will see who can best tackle the task for sustainability.”

Workplace Law are proud to be part of an event which aims to inspire a new wave of action to help people live and work more sustainably.

For those who are also interested in registering for the Challenge, you can register here or email your organisation name and contact details to