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    Welcome to Briefings. Here you can find briefings written by Workplace Law consultants and industry experts pertaining to the area of the environment.

    Briefings provide in-depth research into specific subjects and major topics such as the CRC energy efficiency scheme and environmental management systems to help you gain a better understanding of the main issues.

    You can search through the Briefings by title, date or key word by using the simple A-Z finder below. Each Briefing is fully downloadable as a PDF file.

    We are continually updating this section to cover all major topics of most use to you in your workplace; however, if there is anything not currently covered then please get in touch with your suggestions.

    Latest Briefings

    PF2: Plus ça change ...a new approach to public private partnerships? A consideration of HM Treasury’s “Standardisation of PF2 Guidance”
    26 Apr 2013 2:27PM

    The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) has always been subject to criticism, but is now something of a pariah. Once New Labour’s preferred procurement technique for capital infrastructure, PFI ...

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    Simply better results: The business case for a design and build approach to projects
    6 Mar 2012 11:50AM

    In his book Outliers, the author Malcolm Gladwell repeatedly demonstrates that to achieve a significant measure of success in any field requires about 10,000 hours of practice. Well, at Claremont ...

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    Computer data: secure disposal
    12 Sep 2007 9:55AM

    In the haste to upgrade and enhance IT systems, businesses and other organisations often neglect their duties regarding the secure disposal of computer equipment. From a security and risk perspecti...

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    Office chairs: are yours suitable?
    14 Sep 2007 1:38PM

    The driving force behind seating specification in Europe continues to be the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations for desks and chairs used with computer workstations. The HSE s...

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