New set of Building Regulations published for consultation

    1 Feb 2012

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    Proposals to cut carbon emissions in new and existing buildings have been announced by Communities Minister, Andrew Stunell.

    The new set of Building Regulations published for consultation this week will save over £63m a year for businesses by cutting excessive red-tape and deliver safer and more sustainable buildings.

    Mr Stunell said changes to the country's Building Regulations would make new homes, shops and offices warmer and cheaper to run, support growth and take England a step closer to meeting its bold low carbon commitments.

    The measures, developed together with the construction industry, will help reduce the regulatory cost for businesses, and pave the way for the introduction of zero-carbon homes from 2016.

    The proposals will also help with the roll out of the Green Deal this Autumn, stimulating demand, whilst helping to cut both carbon emissions and energy bills for householders.

    Launching the consultation, Mr Stunell said:

    "The Coalition is committed to being the greenest government ever, so improving the energy efficiency of our existing buildings through the Green Deal, and ensuring that all new homes are zero carbon by 2016 is a top priority.

    "But we need to do this in a way that doesn't add to the regulatory burden on businesses. So I'm delighted that these much-needed changes will provide guidance that is both fit for purpose and will cut carbon emissions, whilst also saving money for householders and businesses alike."

    The Department says it is now looking for views and evidence on the proposed regulations and will continue working with industry and other key partners before finalising proposals.

    Responses can be provided up until 27 April 2012, other than the proposals related to the Green Deal where responses have been requested by 27 March 2012.

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