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ESP Architecture


What is the ESP?

The Enterprise Services Platform (ESP) is a collection of learning technologies and commercial performance support services that, when combined, form a traditional Learning Management System with eCommerce capabilities. Many of these services can be used independently or as a small collection of services that can be used by clients to integrate with and enhance their existing corporate systems.

The International Workplace ESP is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering for businesses that do not have an established Learning Management Solution (LMS) but want to deliver eLearning content to their workforce or customers, with the option of charging for secure access to trackable content.

The PaaS is an ecosystem of functionality that facilitates seamless access to, and the consumption of, eLearning content via industry standard protocols and secure, cloud-based services.



Discover the benefits that the ESP has had for the Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI).

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What ESP can do for your business

There are a number of compelling advantages to our PaaS offering, including:

Speed of deployment  our out-of-the-box solution is built, tested, secure and ready to go.
+ No development required  this is a 'no-code' scenario.
+ Full SLA guarantees  we ensure the solution's performance, stability, maintenance and upgrade through annualised fees.
+ Cloud-based technology  access anywhere, on any device and have no on-premise server worries.
+ Monetise activities  the eShop module allows for transactional activity for those looking to sell content and services.

The modular nature of the technology architecture means we can also offer functionality for specific business needs, such as document control and xAPI user experience monitoring.


ESP core components



Content delivery network (CDN)

Provides access to our responsive eLearning content, with the ability to tailor courses on a client-by-client basis while ensuring content updates propagate through to all instances of the course.


User management

The ability for companies to register users on to our activities.





Buy and manage licenses for our activities. Flexible purchasing and assignment options are available.


Content connector

Stream IW's accredited courses into your own LMS. Manage your organisation's enrolments and see user progress straight from your own LMS.




Activity tracking

Experience API tracking via our secure Learning Record Store, which allows detailed tracking of user performance and progress throughout our content and activities.


eCommerce integration

Purchase and access content through a familiar eShop interface. Allows client organisations to sell licenses of IW content to their clients.





Detailed reporting of user performance and progress. Data can be exported directly or exposed to third-party systems such as Microsoft Power BI.


xAPI & SCORM Conformant 

Built to work with the most used learning technology standards as well as the most advanced.



Praise for ESP

“The Enterprise Services platform that International Workplace has built for us will provide the best environment for our students, for ADVETI staff and also for OSHAD in terms of security, content availability, updates and upgrades on the system, users’ privacy and also the secure payment gateway."

Mahmoud Al Alawi
Director of Operations  
Abu Dhabi Vocational Education Training Institute

Learning Awards Finalist

Learning Technology Awards Finalist

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About International Workplace

International Workplace is a learning solutions provider, established in Cambridge in 1995. We work in partnership with renowned employers in the UK and internationally, using our expertise in the discipline of workplace management to help them manage their people and places.

A leader in learning technologies, we deliver expert digital content that promotes and fosters learner engagement, providing employers with data, insight and analysis to track and improve individual and corporate performance.

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