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19 Oct 2012 4:18PM

Well there u go. This wpc has got her overtime tax free now. It's ludicrous and a waste of tax payers money to even consider the dog in this case. If she was in the mounted devision would she have claimed for not being given the same horse? No because as with any animal, let them rest for too long and they get lazy and unfit.

graham engel
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29 Mar 2012 8:08PM

It doesn't matter how you dress this up, if you call someone in for a disciplinary then that is what it is in law and to a layman. That's the message you send out to your workers and are open to causing further stress on that person.
In my personal opinion and from what I have read from the posts on this subject, your company should consider a review of its policies and certainly look at calling the procedure after 3 absences a sickness review meeting where the review can or may lead to disciplinary process if circumstances are found to be considered to be untoward but not without reference and considerations views etc from OH.
As far as the health and safety is concerned, apart from the possible stress that your company may cause by its behaviour then I cannot think of anything.

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29 Mar 2012 7:37PM

I think the point to remember is that safety professionals have a varied job profile. Some companies will amalgamate safety and environmental and also quality. The recent trends are sustainability due to the corperate responsibility focusing on the environmental planning, this is the annual CSR that is sent to clients etc.
If you are lucky enough to be classed as a health and safety advisor or manager and have nothing to do with environmental then you are a rarity.

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29 Feb 2012 5:55PM

I think the issue for the only issue you have here is the temperature for the employees, I am unaware of visitors coming under any regulation or guidance as far as temperature is concerned.
As long as the employer complies with the H&S at work act etc and associated guidance for the workforce and issues arising over visitors then I am sure they will be compliant.

Obviously if you wish to attract people to a facility then you should wish to ensure the temperature is adequate for the activity in that facility. In other words, if they want to make money from the attraction they should ensure visitors are comfortable and want to return.

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30 Aug 2011 7:40PM

if the employers had completed a full and sufficient DSE assessment then the lighting would have been assessed and highlighted.
Companies often ignore the need for a DSE assessment for workers and volunteers despite this being a legal requirement.

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24 May 2011 9:42PM

Neither Gareth, they are reducing carbon limits in the city and introducing yet another TAX. the Government should put a stop to it. I wonder which party the council belongs too??????????

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16 Feb 2011 9:51AM

thank you to all for the comments, it clears up this matter for me nicely however i find it a very wierd way of doing things.
it would be much easier to state in a sickness policy that any sickness taken during the financial year is calculated from the companies financial year.
if an employee is given 20 days occupational sick pay then once they have taken 20 days they will only receive ssp.
simple, everyone understands where they are.
after all, we cannot predict when we will be sick and often the extra burden of not being paid when you think you should be is certainly not going to aid a back to work programme.

I will inform the lady of your comments and again, thank you.

graham engel
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15 Feb 2011 8:55AM

I suggest you gain a copy of the L8.

Now I know why they told us to use a plastic carrier bags over the taps and shower heads in hotels lol.

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15 Feb 2011 8:48AM

thank you, the individuals 'contract' states 20 days per year. the company financial year is april to april.
From the conversations i have held, the lady in question has been told by her hr manager that she used 26 days last year so she cannot have paid sick until she has accrued past the days for last year.
this is why i am concerned that her hr manager has mixed this up and got it all wrong.
furthermore, i checked the ladies sick chart for the last 12 month, jan 10 to jan 11 and it shows 22 days sick taken not 26.
one of these days was 5th Feb 2010 which brings her down to 21 days for a year.
4 days were used last march.
providing the lady takes no sick between now and april 1st, i believe she then has 3 days sick to use.
is this correct for a rolling sickness procedure?

graham engel
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11 Feb 2011 7:50PM

I am after some advice on what you people know about rolling sick leave.

the scenario:
employee is entitled to 20 amount of sick leave for a year.
company year is from april to april.
employee has 28 days sick leave during the period june 2010 to 31 december 2010.
on 10th february employee has annual review and everything exceeds expectation etc so doing well. At the end of the review, the manager tells employee that if they are sick between 10th feb 2011 and june 2011 they will not be entitled to any sick pay.

i am very confused by this, i always thought sick leave periods, ie 20 days sick entitlement would be april to april.
if hr are saying june to june then is this not the same as saying your leave entitlement is 20 days but if you leave it to december to take it, you cannot have any more leave until the following december.

can someone with knowledge of this please advise.

graham engel
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18 Sep 2010 11:11PM

does anyone know what machine this was?
it should be made public to allow us all to ensure we do not suffer the same fate.

graham engel
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24 Aug 2010 5:54PM

not sure about your RSI graham but your sure going to stop a few people here getting it.
I too would appreciate a copy please, in return, if you require any in your current role, feel free to ask.
You never know what RAMS people have that can be doctured to save hours of work.


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13 Aug 2010 9:57PM

The original question here was about HGV/PSV drivers doing cyclist training.
having held a class 1 license for over 20 years, I can assure you that there are no higher trained drivers on the road than HGV drivers.

I passed my car license then my class 2 then my class 1.
car drivers will only do one test in a life time.

when you complete your lorry licenses you are taught mirror, left AND right and central in case you are on a flatbed, indicate, right mirror, left mirror, rear view mirror. manouver if safe to do so, all of which is carried out whilst you are braking.
You also think and look at least 4 cars ahead of you because your braking distance is much longer, in my car i do the same thing and slow down whilst the wife barks, 'why are you slowing down', she doesnt read the road as i do.

i have not driven a HGV for over 5 years and i remember exactly what you should do.

How many car drivers can honestly say they carry this out before turning?

its not lorry drivers that need educating but cyclists and car drivers.

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12 Aug 2010 9:02PM

sorry, but i forget to mention your post.
in answer,
have you conducted a 'suitable and sufficient' risk assessment on your cleaner?
if you have not then i suggest you get it completed fast.
ensure that your coshh assessmens are completed and chemicals included in the RA.
When you refer this cleaner to OH she will have to agree to this and the release of information, your OH will need to be informed of the chemicals you use.
my advice is to ensure your chemicals are environmentally friendly, your ra covers all aspects of work for this lady and is reviewed at each stage of treatment.
do not leave yourself open to a court case if the ivf fails and doing the above will show the cleaner that you are looking after her welfare at the same time as complying with HASAW act etc.

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12 Aug 2010 8:37PM

well this has certainly taken the highlight since the original post.
all the way through there are interesting facts on morality and the laws cans and cannots.
to all those that have been through this and those that have not, i feel for you all.
yes we are currently going through this and just waiting for a small op before trying again.
we are lucky, we were referred by our gp, no costs and going to borne hall.

because we are referred by the GP, every appointment is classed as a doctors appointment, every treatment is classed as doctors or hospital depending on where we go and at what stage.

when a woman goes through certain stages, she is not allowed to drive, stand, sit she is told to lay and rest. Her sick note, or should we now say 'fit note' will state 'unfit for work'.
what it will no longer state is why and this will come from a certified doctor, if you did not pay ssp for this then you most certainly be facing a law suit.

There may not be exact guidance as far as the law is concerned on time off but if an employee has a fit note and it states unfit to work then as far as ssp is concerned, surely you should pay ssp.

I wont even bother covering the moral side to this or the unsupportive employer. i will just say a very big thank you for the two employers that have been considerate, careing and kind enough to allow the male side of this marriage the flexability and time off to support his wife during this very emotionally and physically tiring time.

Will i get that golf holiday if this works? no way, not even if it doesnt because it will be round three.
BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT even if some of you believe this sort of treatment is self inflicted, its not, its actually a medical condition.

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4 Mar 2010 9:54PM

you all joke about the 'paddy' jokes etc but you are all missing the whole point here, except part of james's comment where a joke is always at somebodys expense.
if you are going through a period where you are being dicriminated against by one or more people, the final straw may be a joke of racial not so equality.

there are people out there that are derogative and wish to degrade others at the flip of a coin, it may be that they are being suddenly ignored by this person and talked about behind their back, left out of meetings that they used to attend, not being passed information that enables them to do their work efficiently.
no one knows the full story but i can tell you from experience, over sensitive or not, these attitudes are very demeaning and counter productive for any business.
yes there is the politically correct brigade but mark my words......................
mock them at your peril, when you are the one not wanting to go to work and face another day with that 'bully' you may well be the one asking the political correct brigade for help.

acas are there to help everyone, some things go through them that we do not all agree on but WE were not the victim and WE do not know what the circumstances were.

if that person is over sensitive, respect them for this and do not abuse it.

'they could have had a very distraught life or event that has made them like this'

a soldier back from afghan for example, settling in civilian life may not control anger as well as someone that has not faced the things they do.

finally i say this: respect everyone as individuals we are who we are and deserve to live in peace whether at work or at home.

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5 Feb 2010 10:02AM

to answer your original question, if you write a risk assessment and method statement then you must be deamed as competent to do so.
once you have written it and signed it you should ensure that your workers sign to say they have read it, understood it and will abide by it.

workers should also carry out an on site ra to ensure that nothing has changed and no new hazards have presented themselves prior to work.

Corperat Manslaughter came in to ensure that your bossess do not solely say you are to blame because they should be checking your work to ensure this is correct.
Your health and safety manager does not need to sign your ra's to be culpable, if he has not checked them and you have presented them to him then he too will most likely be prosecuted under several acts including CM 07.

just be happy and confident in yourability to write the risk assessments and if your not sure then ensure that you highlight this to your management.

Its called covering your A@@e

graham engel
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5 Feb 2010 9:47AM

I am currently working as a Health and Safety Manager, I will try and give you the answers but this is what i would do in your shoes not 100% legaslative.

Firstly, your health and safety poster should show:
for new poster - the site health and safety rep/appointed person, this person is nominated through position, location and qualifications. if you have more than one rep or a health and safety rep and a union rep then put these details below if not then it can contain details of the nearest fire warden or first aider as these persons would have an idea of how to help someone.
on ours we have my details and the area/regional health and safety manager.

if you have the older type then you are required to put the above details on and the details of the local hse office, available from the council directory and i belive you also put the environmental office on the old notices.

in all cases you should have a tel no, name and adress.

as far as risk assessments are concerned then mr spencer is right to a degree in the fact that it is the 'task' that is risk assessed so as to identify any potential hazards that can or may exist.
these should be evaluated and the risk 'managed and reduced' to ensure that the probability of the risk is reduced.
for example, you will write a risk assessment to carry out pat testing, one of the hazards you will identify is working with electricity to which you will then place a control measure, this control measure may be 'ensure that the item to be tested in switched off and unplug prior to checking the item for damages'.
why would you do this? because it is the first stage of any pat test and you do not want to get electrocuted by a bare cable etc.

i hope that has helped.

furthermore, i do not know transport law but i know that driving whilst at work will come under section2(2) and 2(3) of the health and safety at work act (to name just one of numerous acts this comes under such as 'the management regs) and requires a risk assessment.

if you write a basic RA for driving a vehicle at work, you can then adapt this for the differing situations such as driving with pupils in a car, a minibus etc
you should have policies that cover these activities as part of your quality management system too so refer to them for the rules and regulations in place.

if our workers share vehicles then they sign a decleration every time a driver changes, a quick road legal check is also verified.

i hope this all helps you, if not then please let me know.