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    Workplace Law cycle 1,200 miles in the name of charity
    18 Sep 2014 4:36PM

    During the week of the 5-12 July, the Workplace Law team took on a challenge of almighty proportions. Originally, we set out to cycle the distance of the UK leg of the Tour de France between us (54...

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    Cleaning policies for toilet and washing facilities – what do FMs need to know?
    1 Jul 2014 10:04AM

    This feature aims to examine some of the tensions and challenges under the Equality and Human Rights legislation and potential conflicts of interest resulting from neglect or disregard of the ...

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    Bullying in the workplace
    5 Mar 2014 10:05AM

    Any talk about bullying usually centres on how this behaviour is prevalent in schools and its impact on students. Bullying is not restricted to schools, however, and we are witnessing a rise in ...

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    The ten most common causes of accidents at work
    14 Oct 2013 9:09AM

    Health and safety is a vital part of any business nowadays and it is important to be aware of all risks that could potentially affect your business and employees. In this feature, Glen Wilson, look...

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