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    Welcome to Features, specially commissioned articles written by Workplace Law consultants and industry experts.

    These special features include interviews with major industry players, case studies giving you real life examples of theory put into practice and indepth analysis of essential issues. Offering up advice, opinions and innovative ideas, these unique and insightful features will keep you up to date and right on the cutting edge in the world of human resources and employment law.

    You can search through the Features by title, date or key word by using the simple A-Z finder below. Each Feature is fully downloadable as a PDF file.

    Latest Features

    Workplace Law cycle 1,200 miles in the name of charity
    18 Sep 2014 4:36PM

    During the week of the 5-12 July, the Workplace Law team took on a challenge of almighty proportions. Originally, we set out to cycle the distance of the UK leg of the Tour de France between us (54...

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    The employment rights of charity employees and volunteers
    27 Aug 2014 2:06PM

    Many not-for-profit organisations benefit from the efforts of volunteers in addition to their core teams of paid employees. However, with recent budget cuts and added pressure to keep costs down, t...

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    Cleaning policies for toilet and washing facilities – what do FMs need to know?
    1 Jul 2014 10:04AM

    This feature aims to examine some of the tensions and challenges under the Equality and Human Rights legislation and potential conflicts of interest resulting from neglect or disregard of the ...

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    'Mais, non!' French frustration at 'after hours' work emails translates into union agreement - How has it come about and could it work here?
    30 Apr 2014 2:09PM

    The topic of working time and whether UK employees work too many hours has been widespread for many years, but given the stance that fellow European countries have taken in recent weeks, it has onc...

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