Social media shunned in favour of traditional recruitment

    20 Mar 2012

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    63% of UK HR managers do not believe social networking sites will replace traditional CVs, despite over eight million people in the UK currently using LinkedIn.

    Seven in ten (70%) HR directors believe that social media platforms are ineffective as a recruitment tool or are unsure over its effectiveness, according to a new survey by Robert Half, the specialised recruitment consultancy.

    More than six in ten (63%) executives think it is unlikely that profiles on networking sites will replace CVs in the future.

    The survey of 200 UK human resources directors found that only three in ten (32%) executives are using social networking sites to communicate with candidates and only 30% for sourcing them.

    While the temptation exists to check profiles on more social sites, like Facebook, only one in five (22%) HR directors report checking online profiles for behaviour and/or suitability.

    Phil Sheridan, Managing Director, Robert Half UK  said:

    “Social media’s popularity has grown dramatically in recent years and while many organisations have leveraged it as a successful commercial or employer branding tool, its effectiveness in recruitment has not been realised amongst the majority of organisations.

    “While professional networking sites, like LinkedIn, will continue to connect business professionals, our research shows that hiring managers still prefer more traditional recruitment methods, such as using of online job boards, employee referrals and recruitment consultancies.

    “It seems most employers still believe this to be the most effective approach for screening candidates and assessing competencies.

    “However, it is important that candidates use LinkedIn to keep their professional network informed throughout their career, even if not used for recruitment purposes.

    “Candidates should manage their online reputation by ensuring their profiles remain current and professional. Posting newsworthy articles, participating in relevant discussion groups and conducting periodic online audits will help raise both personal and corporate brand images.”

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