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Coaching skills


Coaching is certainly a buzz word in the workplace and with good reason – it delivers great results. However, what actually happens in coaching is often surrounded in mystery! 

This coaching workshop aims to define exactly what coaching is and how it differs from other learning interventions, but most importantly it will give managers practical coaching skills that they can use immediately to really get the best from their team.

Outline and content

  • What is coaching?
  • Benefits of coaching
  • Different types and styles of coaching
  • The role of coach and coachee
  • Ethics and confidentiality considerations
  • Coaching skills – rapport building, active listening, questioning
  • Coaching models – GROW
  • Coaching techniques and tools
  • SMART objectives
  • Skills practice and feedback

Learning outcomes

  • Understand your role as a work coach and explain to your coachee
  • Understand and be able to use a range of useful and well-known coaching models
  • Understand barriers to learning and how to overcome them
  • Be confident in giving effective feedback to your coachee



Course length

1 day.

Up to 12.


No formal assessment.


International Workplace certificate of attendance.

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