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Managing disciplinaries and grievances


It is essential that managers deal with discipline and greivance in a consistent, fair and legal manner in accordance to policy, procedure, best practice and legislation. Disciplinary situations are those that involve breaches in standards of conduct and wilful under-performance. Grievances can be raised at any time by employees based on any issue, large or small, that they have with a colleague, manager or organisational policies, practices and procedures.

This training course is ideal for those who have a responsibility for maintaining standards of behaviour in the workplace, conducting disciplinary and grievance investigations, hearings and appeals.

Outline and content

This training course can be tailored to your requirements reflecting your own procedures and can also be pitched at the relevant level for your organisation, from introductory to intermediate to advanced. 

The course includes: 

  • Recognise the difference between informal and formal disciplinary and grievance situations.
  • Understanding what is a capability matter and what is a conduct matter.
  • The legislative framework.
  • The use of suspension in disciplinary situations

Then choose three of the following modules to suit your organisation:

  • The role of the work colleague / trade union representative.
  • Linking misdemeanour with sanction.
  • Understanding what constitutes gross misconduct.
  • How to conduct a grievance investigation.
  • Understand how an appeals procedure works.

Learning outcomes

  • This course will help you to control both disciplinary and grievance situations, thus reducing the amount of management time required and the subsequent stress involved.
  • By adopting a consistent and fair approach to these situations and handling them correctly you will not only make sure you comply with relevant employment legislation but also reduce the potential costs of tribunals and damage to your company’s reputation.



Course length

1 day.

Up to 12.


No formal assessment.


International Workplace certificate of attendance. 

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