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Managing poor performance


Managing an employee who is not performing to your required standards can be a stressful and problematical process, and as a result managers often avoid tackling these important issues. However, failing to manage a poor performer is a short-term strategy as it can lead to low team morale and an increased risk of losing valued employees. The only way to reduce the stress for yourself or your managers is to ensure that the correct procedure is in place and you, or your managers, are well prepared.

This one day training course will enable managers to think ahead and give them the ability to plan their approach to addressing performance problems. Understanding the legal context will help your company to both reduce the risk of expensive Tribunal claims and avoid the potential pitfalls. The course is designed to help managers on a practical basis and can be adapted to meet the needs in your particular environment.

Outline and content

This 1 day course will cover the following aspects of performance management:

  • Legal context
  • Supervision or one-to-one meetings
  • Appraisals – what are they? Why do you have them? Benefits and challenges
  • The appraisal process and meeting, including giving and receiving feedback and setting objectives
  • The appraisal documentation
  • Role play appraisal meeting

Learning outcomes

  • This course will help you to manage underperforming employees effectively and put the correct procedures in place which will, in turn, reduce management stress levels, increase productivity, improve team morale and reduce staff turnover.
  • Understanding the legal context will help you to reduce the risks of costly Employment Tribunals.
  • Our in-house course can be tailored to the needs of your business, using your own documentation and processes in the training.



Course length

1 day.

Up to 12.


No formal assessment.


International Workplace certificate of attendance.

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