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Managing recruitment and selection


Getting recruitment wrong can be costly both in terms of time, expenditure and impact to the business. Not only is there scope for discrimination claims and subsequent costs, but selecting the wrong person for the job could mean that the job is not carried out as it is meant to, individuals struggle to meet the required standards of performance, and subsequently leads to high staff turnover and having to start the recruitment process again.

High staff turnover then becomes an issue as the recruitment process commences again, which incurs substantial costs, plus a certain amount of time is then required to train / educate new hires so they become fully operational in a time-efficient manner.

Outline and content

This half day HR training course focuses on giving managers and supervisors, responsible for recruitment, the expertise to deliver legal and effective recruitment campaigns, including shortlisting, selection and interviewing.

By the end of the course, they will have a full understanding of the recruitment cycle and be able to recruit effectively and legally so that the risks of getting a recruitment campaign wrong are significantly reduced.

  • The importance of exit interviews.
  • What is a job description and how should it be used.
  • What is a person specification and how should it be used.
  • Different advertising methods.
  • Understanding employment legislation so that you recruit lawfully.
  • Effective and legal shortlisting.
  • Planning the interview.
  • Interview techniques, including competency-based interviews.
  • Practical exercise.

Learning outcomes

  • This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to deliver effective recruitment campaigns.
  • Selecting the wrong candidates will have a detrimental effect on productivity and your company’s objectives and will ultimately lead to high staff turnover.
  • High staff turnover will result in increased recruitment costs and time and money wasted through training new starters.
  • As well as improving your productivity and reducing costs, getting recruitment right and making sure you do not discriminate will help prevent potential claims and the subsequent costs involved.



Course length

Half day.

Up to 12.


No formal assesssment.


International Workplace certificate of attendance. 

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