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CPD Leadership Management


An extremely thorough and popular course with a consistently high score of 4.8, this course is a must for aspiring leaders looking to improve their communication skills to build high performing teams.

The 3 day course will identify a manager's own leadership style and explore in details their own teams styles and roles and what might motivate each individual with the team. These differences can really help managers to shape their communication plans going forward to focus more on motivating their team members to improve operational performance.

A brilliant course for all kinds of personalities and job roles.

Outline and content

DAY 1 - establishing effective teams:

  • Traits of inspriring managers and leaders, compared to terrible leaders.
  • Leadership traits and skills.
  • Leader vs manager and typical duties.
  • Belbin team roles.
  • Consider your own teams, roles and personalities.
  • Explore your company culture.
  • The cultural web model.
  • Impact of manager behaviours.
  • Explore trust and how to measure leadership trust.
  • Successful teams and stages of team development.

DAY 2 - motivating and improving performance:

  • Motivation types.
  • Individual's beliefs and differences that affect motivation.
  • Needs hierarchys and motivational theories.
  • The components of a performance management system.
  • You and leadership and motivation.
  • Leadership to motivation journey.

DAY 3 - improving performance and effective communication:

  • Why is communication important?
  • What makes good communication?
  • The effective communication cycle.
  • Poor communication and the effects in the workplace.
  • How we perceive communication.
  • Barriers to effective communication.
  • Improving communication methods.
  • Listening and listening goals.
  • Asking questions and the questioning pyramid.
  • Communication methods.
  • The importance of feedback and successful feedback and reflection.

Learning outcomes

  • Delegates will leave with a good insight into their own communication styles and their team's.
  • Understand what makes a good leader and postitive motivational behaviour.
  • With new understanding of their team's communication style, be able to adapt communication to foster a better relationship and build trust.
  • Identify how to develop their leadership style to be more motivational.
  • Understand the importance of communication and leave with clear actions to implement in their own teams to improve performance and motivation.



Course length

3 days.

Up to 12 people.


No formal assessment.


International Workplace certificate of attendance.