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Gig economy threatens employment rights

New CIPD research provides first robust estimate of the size of the gig economy and highlights need for greater clarity over and enforcement of employment rights. New research published last week by the CIPD shows 4% of UK working adults aged bet... Continue reading

New suicide guidance for employers

The continuing focus on mental health at work was supported by the release last week of new data from the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), which revealed which professions had the highest risk of suicide. Analysis of ONS suicide p... Continue reading

Mental health conference for H&S professionals

Not to be missed, mental health for health and safety professionals is the topic for this keynote conference in London. The latest survey in Safety & Health Practitioner (SHP) Magazine shows that 63% of health and safety professionals have me... Continue reading

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Do learning styles really matter?

Does adapting your training approach for different learning styles actually make things better? Not according to 30 educational experts who wrote a letter to the UK’s Guardian newspaper last week. David Sharp considers the facts.  ... Continue reading

UK workers’ rights post-Brexit: tidal wave or damp squib?

Amongst the many anxieties caused by the EU referendum vote last year, the prospect of erosion of workers’ rights has loomed large. Despite official support for the Remain campaign from Government, historically at least, Conservative politic... Continue reading

Education, not legislation, will help us disconnect from technology

As the New Year dawned, French workers were given the ‘right to disconnect’ from work outside regular business hours, provided they were employed by a company with more than 50 staff. According to the French socialist, MP Benoit Hamon... Continue reading

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