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UK government guidance on fire safety

The UK government website providing guidance on fire safety in the workplace has understandably been a first port of call for many businesses. It summarises the UK’s approach to regulation in five key areas: Who’s responsible Fire... Continue reading

Leading FM business launch initiative to nurture internal talent

Servest, the Bury St Edmunds based FM provider, has launched a company-wide learning and development initiative called The 100 Club, as part of its Hidden Talent programme. The campaign, inspired by the arrival of the apprenticeship levy in April... Continue reading

CIPD respond to the Queen's speech

The Queen's Speech on 21 June recognised the challenges facing business but failed to deliver concrete proposals to solve fundamental issues, believes Ben Willmott, Head of Public Policy at the CIPD. In its official response, the CIPD s... Continue reading

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Challenging health and safety practice: time for a refresh?

Refresher training tends to come in for a lot of stick by the people who often feel they’ve been forced to do it as part of a ‘tick box’ compliance procedure. And all too often, they are right.  Finding a way of refreshing ... Continue reading

Supporting caregivers: the ‘Sandwich Generation’

Most employers expect and plan for their employees to take maternity or paternity leave at some point during their career, and many also expect the occasional minor disruption when, for example, an employee’s child is unwell and needs caring... Continue reading

Grenfell Tower: a personal perspective

With a picture beginning to emerge of the contributory factors that may have led to the fatal fire at Grenfell Tower last week, as a health and safety professional it’s hard not to have a personal perspective. Harriet Harman MP made a most ... Continue reading

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