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New diversity and inclusivity standard launched

Diversity and inclusivity should be values that employers pride themselves on, but for many organisations the incorporation of protected characteristics within a legal framework means a ‘diverse’ and ‘inclusive’ workforce h... Continue reading

Labour dispute figures published

The Office for National Statistics has published its annual analysis of UK labour disputes in 2016, including working days lost, stoppages and workers involved. The number of working days lost due to labour disputes in 2016 was 322,000, which was... Continue reading

Ban on beards at work: a safety issue or ‘penny-pinching stupidity’?

Building firm Mears has introduced a ban on staff wearing beards due to, it says, health and safety risks. In a letter to all staff, Mears stated that due to working in a potentially dusty environment, from now on all operatives must come to work... Continue reading

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Supporting caregivers: the ‘Sandwich Generation’

Most employers expect and plan for their employees to take maternity or paternity leave at some point during their career, and many also expect the occasional minor disruption when, for example, an employee’s child is unwell and needs caring... Continue reading

Grenfell Tower: a personal perspective

With a picture beginning to emerge of the contributory factors that may have led to the fatal fire at Grenfell Tower last week, as a health and safety professional it’s hard not to have a personal perspective. Harriet Harman MP made a most ... Continue reading

Fire safety guidance – what you need to know

Those of us who work in safety – and particularly in fire safety – have learned to see fire risk on a continuum. There really is only a small degree of difference between a toaster burning out and the kind of catastrophe that brings ab... Continue reading

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