Welcome to Intwo – flexible learning platform for business

If you employ people in different locations, countries or even continents, you’ll really benefit from using a learning management system (LMS) to deliver, track and report on your eLearning activities.

You may already have an LMS you’re perfectly happy with. Or maybe one you’re not happy with. Or you may not have an LMS at all.

Either way, Intwo can help you, the flexible cloud-based learning platform from International Workplace.

Intwo is a secure, open source online platform that can integrate with your existing LMS as much, or as little, as you want to. If you don’t have an LMS, Intwo does everything an LMS does, but at a fraction of the cost.  

“Deliver, track and produce accurate, up-to-date reports on your eLearning courses”

  • You can use Intwo to deliver eLearning courses. Courses from International Workplace; courses you’ve bought from other training providers; or maybe even courses you’ve created yourself. In fact Intwo can be used to deliver any courses that are SCORM 1.2 conformant.
    SCORM 1.2 is a recognised eLearning course creation standard.
  • You can use Intwo to track learner activities in real time. Who’s finished their course? Who’s making slow progress? Who hasn’t even started yet!? You can customise Intwo to create and allocate different levels of reporting, so that for example a supervisor can only track the progress of people in his or her team.
  • And you can use Intwo to produce management reports, so you have accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date records for every learner and every course, at the touch of a button. Perfect for audit purposes.

Deliver, track and produce accurate, up-to-date reports on your eLearning courses


Intwo comes in two fully customisable packages. There’s a simple, low-cost fee for both, based on the number of learners you have and the subscription term (1,3 or 5 years). You can pay annually or monthly as you go.

  • Intwo Express is designed for businesses with up to 250 people. You can set it up online without any help from us, configure it for your needs, add learners and courses, and produce your own detailed quote before deciding to go ahead with it. (Equally, we can help you or do all this for you!)
  • Intwo Exchange is designed for larger businesses. It’s ideal for organisations with more than 250 people, or with national or international operations. It gives you the same ability as Express to deliver, track and report on learners, but with more powerful tools to help you integrate learner data, more options to customise reports, and more technical support.