• International Workplace
  • 21 February 2018

Air ambulance told ‘you can’t park there’ by health and safety conscious employee

A recent incident involving an air ambulance and a health and safety conscious employee has hit the headlines.

According to BBC reports, a Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance called out to a patient in Leamington Spa was asked to move by a building site worker because it was a health and safety risk.

The pilot had landed in a cordoned-off area of the site and was told by a saleswoman for Persimmon Homes “It's just not possible, you can't park it there, it's a health and safety risk”.

Neil Williams, from Persimmon Homes, commented:

"The air ambulance landed on a working construction site that was closed to the public and while we understand that was necessary to access the patient, our staff observed that the landing area, which was a locked off area, contained hazardous materials that needed to be re-secured in order to prevent public access or any danger to existing residents."

A witness told the BBC:

"We just said 'How would you like it if it was one of her loved ones?'"

Philippa Gibbs, from the ambulance charity, said the helicopter needed to park wherever was best for crews to access patients. She said teams were "very experienced at landing in all sorts of unusual places" and safety was not compromised.