• 23 April 2003

Driving at Work: New Policy Launched

The Workplacelaw Network has published new guidance to help employers implement a driving at work policy and meet their legal obligations. At-work driving has emerged as a major area of risk for UK employers, since the HSE's recent decision to enforce health and safety laws much more rigorously to occupational driving.

Driving at Work Policy and Procedure version 1.0 (ISBN 1-900648-29-6, £74.99) contains a model policy document, which employers can customise for their own needs, and comprehensive management guidance to help them develop and police their own driving-at-work policy. The document and guidance are published in association with Kennedys solicitors.

Daniel McShee of Kennedys solicitors, who reviewed the policy and guidance, commented:

"Although to date the HSE has not been keen on enforcing health and safety law for driving matters, there appears to be some movement for change in this respect. Employers should be aware of the potential for prosecution if they do not comply with their legal obligations and do not have proper policies and guidance for employees in place to cover driving at work."

Driving at Work Policy and Management Guide, Version 1.0 (ISBN 1-900648-29-6, £74.99) is available in MS Word format as an electronic download from the Workplacelaw Network website - - or by calling 0870 777 8881. 10% discount available to members of the Workplacelaw Network, BIFM, RICS, IFMA or RIBA. Please quote ref. 1428 when ordering.

Further information is available from Sam Colella on 0870 777 8881.


Notes for Editors

1. Why driving at work is now a serious health and safety issue

- Employers are required under health and safety law to assess and control areas of risk. At-work driving is being seen as an area of increasing risk for UK employers:

- In December 2001, the HSE's work-related road safety taskforce recommended that existing health and safety laws should be enforced much more thoroughly to work-related driving.

- The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 require that equipment provided for work purposes must be properly maintained and suitable for the intended use, and adequate training and health and safety information must be provided to the user.

- The police are being increasingly encouraged to make enquiries of the employer and consider prosecution. In December 2002, a company owner was fined £2,500 for breaches of health and safety regulations after a driver who was suffering from exhaustion was killed in an accident.

2. What the policy and guidance covers

- Topics covered in the template policy include: personnel responsibilities; risk assessments and safety control measures; driver training/assessment and journey planning guidance; vehicle selection, inspection, testing and maintenance; private/hired vehicles; accidents and emergencies; breakins/theft; and breakdowns.

- The template policy comes with a comprehensive 57-page Management Guide with instructions on customising the policy and implementing the policy in the workplace, plus: sample driver and driving task risk assessment forms; driver Guidelines on safe driving, journey planning and vehicle inspection/maintenance; vehicle inspection checklist; driver/management guidelines on accidents and other emergencies; and sample vehicle accident/theft report forms.

3. About the Workplacelaw Network

The Workplacelaw Network supplies legal support and information to over 25,000 UK managers and employers, including property, HR and health and safety managers. See for more information. Press contact: Sam Colella, 0870 777 8881,

4. About Kennedys Solicitors

Kennedys Solicitors is one of the leading dispute resolution firms in the City of London. The firm is a major player in the insurance/reinsurance dispute resolution field and also has a great depth of expertise in areas such as health and safety law, employment law, clinical negligence, construction, insolvency and company and commercial law. Press Contact: Wendy Notowicz, 020 7638 3688,.