• International Workplace
  • 22 August 2017

Employers ‘failing to engage millennials’, says new report

Only 31% of employers are focusing on better supporting education, skills, and training among their millennial employees, according to a new report published by LMS provider Docebo.

The report’s findings consolidate analysis of a range of published studies, largely based on research undertaken in the US, but will nevertheless resonate with employers everywhere. The need to focus on millennials is highlighted by the fact that this age group (people born during the mid-to-late 80s and the 90s) will shortly represent the largest social group in the workplace.

The report notes some of the commonly cited characteristics of millennial behaviour, noting the top three things that make an employer attractive to them based on research undertaken by PWC as:

  • Opportunities for career progression: 52%
  • Competitive wages / other financial incentives: 44%
  • Excellent training / development programmes: 35%

However, the report quotes research by Qualtrics and Accel which found that 51% of millennials are concerned about having the right skills to succeed, and findings from Gallup that suggest that just over one in five millennials has changed job in the last year, and that up to 60% are open to different job opportunities. Results from the same source found that only 29% of millennials felt engaged in their jobs. 

Millennials in the Workplace: Understanding Millennial Learner Needs to Increase Engagement & Retention is available as a free download