• International Workplace
  • 21 February 2014

Environmental training now available in new formats

We have now launched environmental training in new formats, making it easier for businesses to implement sustainable practice.

Businesses in the UK of all sizes have compelling reasons to engage in the environmental agenda, now more than ever before. The continually changing landscape of environmental risks and opportunities impacts on the bottom line for UK businesses and organisations. A report carried out by Lloyds bank in 2013 reflects this and shows that sustainability is a top priority for 2014 for one in four small businesses.

Environmental management is obviously an increasingly complex field and it can be difficult to know where to focus your attention to address such a wide range of issues. Training is the first step towards implementing a sustainable business.

As an IEMA approved training provider, we recognise the changes in importance of sustainability among businesses and also appreciate the need for flexible training to meet their needs. Today we have released details of our new elearning format for the IEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management. This is a preparatory course which prepares delegates for taking the IEMA Associate Examination, which allows them to become Associate Members of IEMA and able to use the suffix – AIEMA.

Registration is now available for this course and access will be available from 25 March 2014.

Peter Watts, Head of Environment at Workplace Law and lead tutor for the IEMA courses, comments:

“The launch of this course in elearning format means that this course is now available in a total of three different formats. This follows a launch earlier this year of a day release version of the course which was in addition to the fast-track option that Workplace Law have been running since 2011.

“The IEMA Associate Certificate elearning is different from anything you have seen before and is all about understanding key environmental sustainability issues and how to apply that knowledge to manage them strategically in the context of an organisation. This is delivered through an online interactive platform encouraging active participation from delegates. We are very excited about this course, it is an engaging way to learn and includes case studies and practical advice that our students can use to enact improvements in their workplace as well as preparing them for the IEMA Associate entrance examination.”

If you are new to environmental management or if you have a wide range of premises and facilities management responsibilities then the IEMA Foundation course is a good place to start your journey towards environmental excellence and a more sustainable way of working. To find out which course is right for you please visit