• International Workplace
  • 13 June 2017

Essential new reading for L&D professionals

In the introduction to his new book on learning technologies, renowned author Donald H Taylor describes an encounter that is all too typical from the world of eLearning.

A woman is overheard complaining that the course she is studying on her computer is repetitive: it includes a few small updates but is largely the same as the course she took last year. It’s difficult to access, because she needs a different login from the company’s system. And all it really requires her to do is to keep hitting the ‘next’ button.

She sums the experience up:

We don’t learn anything from these [courses] … and everybody knows that. They [her employer] just want to know that it’s done.”

If that sounds even remotely like anything you might hear in your organisation, then we would strongly recommend Taylor’s new book, Learning Technologies in the Workplace, which is making its way around the office here at International Workplace.

Written as a practical guide to help you implement learning technologies in your organisation, the book identifies four common factors in achieving success: a clear aim; a focus on people; a wide perspective; and a pragmatic, can-do attitude. Hi analysis is back ed up with examples from the Hershey Company, BP, airlines, technology companies and manufacturers.

Taylor gives readers practical pointers for each of these four factors, helping them implement and use learning technologies well, with particular emphasis on the essential skill of identifying stakeholders and winning their support.

Many of the principles in Taylor’s book are ones that we have been pursuing at International Workplace for some time, but there is always much to learn. We’d strongly recommend the book as a useful guide to help avoid the pitfalls of click-and-flick eLearning and to inspire a different approach to onboarding and compliance training that is more than just box-ticking for audit purposes.

Learning Technologies in the Workplace is published by Kogan Page and can be ordered online at a cost of £29.99.