• International Workplace
  • 1 November 2017

Harassment in the workplace

Turning on the news each day brings a fresh story regarding workplace harassment, more and more cases are coming to light of historic or recent cases where inappropriate behaviour has occurred.

Recent complaints raised in Westminster have prompted the government to promise urgent action to improve how complaints are handled and address how MP’s are treated.  The Government has vowed to look at putting increased measures in place to address complaints of harassment as more cases come to light.

On the back of this, business should look to review their own policies and ensure that they are fit for purpose and provide a transparent process to raise complaints and have them dealt with and suffer no repercussions for raising complaints.  Employees should have a risk free environment when coming to work, where harassment and inappropriate behaviour occurs employers should take action and address these issues promptly addressing these conduct issues and address problems with the culture of the business.



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