• International Workplace
  • 25 February 2014

Health and Safety Law Poster deadline fast approaching

From 5 April 2014 all workplaces are required to display the latest Health and Safety Law Poster or issue the latest corresponding leaflet or pocket-card.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has reminded employers once again in recent weeks that they must display the new version of the Health and Safety Law Poster (which outlines vital British health and safety legal points) with many organisations currently unaware that the new legislation is fast approaching.

Workplaces have been required to display the current Health and Safety Poster in a prominent position since 1999, as part of the Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations (HSIER).

It is imperative that employers are now aware of their legal duty under the same Regulations to display the approved poster in a prominent position in each workplace or provide each worker with a copy of the approved leaflet/pocket-card.

Employers have had plenty of time to get on board with the changes - in 2009 the HSE produced a new version of the previous 1999 version of the poster following research which showed that the 1999 versions of the law poster and law leaflet were visually unappealing and rarely read.

A deadline of April 2014 to use the new poster and leaflet was then set, but there is still a worry that despite the lengthy period of time, many employers still do not have everything in place to ensure they are complying with the Regulations in time for 5 April.

Commenting, Head of Health and Safety at Workplace Law, Simon Toseland, said:

“Providing employees with relevant health and safety information is a vital facet of demonstrating good health and safety culture.

“Although not displaying the poster is unlikely to result in a substantial fine for the company, it does raise questions about the employer’s commitment to a good health and safety culture and may lead to further investigations in the future.”

Simon added:

“It is all too common for organisations to display the poster without completing the required information – for example, details of your competent health and safety advisor, which is a duty under the Management of The Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

“I would advise that all employers take heed of the HSE’s notice and ensure that the relevant posters are displayed before 5 April.”