• International Workplace
  • 8 February 2019

International Workplace celebrates success at Learning Awards

International Workplace celebrated success at the Learning Awards 2019 last night as a finalist in the ‘Learning Technologies’ category.

Over 400 peers from the learning industry attended the prestigious event hosted by the Learning Performance Institute to see Cambridge-based International Workplace make it through to the final stages of the competition, alongside other shortlisted entrants including Coca Cola, Filtered and Fuse Universal. 

The International Workplace team was recognised for its Accredited Content Connector (ACC) – an easy to use, simple system for learners that makes the end-to-end learning process as seamless as possible for corporate clients.

As one of the largest providers of accredited health and safety training, International Workplace saw an opportunity to provide unprecedented access to the IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) suite of eLearning courses if clients were able to manage their training through their existing LMS, allowing them to manage enrolments and provide access to content through familiar tools, while ensuring we fulfilled our responsibilities as a licensed training centre.

By allowing clients to link up accredited course content to their own LMS in a way previously not possible, organisations benefit greatly from the Connector:

  • Return on investment: clients can leverage investment already made in their legacy systems, avoiding the costs of becoming a licensed training provider themselves, or paying for a parallel delivery system.
  • Improved efficiency: the Connector allows easy registration and enrolment by integrating with clients’ entrepreneurial systems, allowing combined reporting.
  • Familiarity: managers can administer courses using their existing systems without additional training.


David Sharp, International Workplace’s MD, commented:

“Development of the Accredited Content Connector has been a game changer for delivering accredited eLearning content, such as the IOSH suite of courses. Corporate clients are now able to manage their learners’ access and performance on these courses through existing internal systems, whilst learners benefit from accessing a familiar system to undertake their learning. We’re thrilled to have been nominated for this award, which recognises International Workplace as one of the leaders in the field of global digital learning."


The ACC can be seen in use in this short video.