• International Workplace
  • 21 March 2017

IOSH removes refresher training requirement

IOSH Training & Skills is removing the need for a refresher course to be taken within three years of completing the original IOSH Managing Safely course.

Jonathan Nobbs, Head of Product at the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, said:

"IOSH still highly recommends refresher training, we promote lifelong learning and continuing professional development. Keeping knowledge and skills up to date is a hallmark of professional practice.

"However, the decision on when and if a delegate should take a refresher course relies on the specific needs of businesses and sectors. 

"When to undertake refresher training is best decided in discussion with employers, trade associations or professional bodies, and employees and managers themselves, according to their own needs."

Initial reactions from our clients at International Workplace were mixed.

Many welcomed the news. The fact that Managing Safely Refresher training will no longer mandatory means that for many, they will be able to divert precious training budgets to other learning and development activities.

Some, among them companies who had campaigned to relax the frequency of re-training, confirmed their commitment to continuing with the Refresher course, albeit more tactically and perhaps less frequently than every three years. 

As an approved IOSH training provider ourselves, International Workplace will be engaging actively with our clients and learners to find out what they want in future. We will continue to provide the Managing Safely Refresher course in classroom format, using materials based on the new version of the syllabus authorised and issued by IOSH.

But with the new syllabus departing significantly from the previous version, the decision as to whether it is commercially viable to develop a new eLearning version of the Refresher course to a sufficiently high standard is more complex, when the course is no longer mandatory. Will there be enough demand for it? Or would an alternative (non IOSH-approved) refresher course provide the same level of continuous learning but in a more flexible way?

Will your plans for Managing Safely Refresher training change as a result of this news? We would be very interested to hear from you – do please email our Head of Learning and Development,