• International Workplace
  • 22 November 2016

IOSH to launch Managing Safely, version 5

If your organisation currently runs training accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) then you will be interested to hear about planned changes to its most popular IOSH Managing Safely course that are expected to come on stream soon. As a leading licensed IOSH training provider, this is our most popular health and safety certificate course taught in classroom, blended and eLearning formats.

Following a period of relative stability where the course hadn’t changed for a number of years, this year has already seen an upgrade to version 4 of the course to incorporate some relatively small changes to the syllabus: the principles of RIDDOR were introduced earlier in the course, the Plan – Do – Check – Act principles were introduced, hazards were categorised more specifically, and the focus of the end project was changed.

Now, IOSH is launching the long-planned version 5 of the Managing Safely course at its UAE Annual Networking Conference, taking place in Abu Dhabi on 8 December 2016.

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The new course is expected to take a more international approach to the subject of risk assessment by de-coupling the link between some aspects of UK legislation and the wider principles and practices of good health and safety management that apply wherever you are in the world. Its launch has been delayed slightly by the ongoing discussions around the ISO 45001 standard – the replacement for OHSAS 18001 – which was originally slated for publication in October this year.

If you have scheduled courses for version 4 of Managing Safely they will be perfectly valid, and it may take some time for training providers to adapt their course materials to meet the version 5 syllabus. The international approach is likely to appeal to businesses with operations in multiple countries, as well as those looking to implement the new ISO 45001 standard as soon as it comes on stream – likely to be June 2017 according to the latest reports.  

How you can get involved

International Workplace is working with the Institution to develop an all-new version of our IOSH Managing Safely version 5 course, scheduled for launch in spring 2017 and available in classroom, blended and eLearning formats.

We are looking for two or three organisations to work in partnership with us to develop a pilot version of the new course, to ensure we produce a market-leading product that works seamlessly across offline and online learning platforms, and integrates with management information reporting systems. If you would like to be involved in the pilot please contact our Head of Learning and Development, Heidi Thompson, on +(0)333 210 1995 or email