• International Workplace
  • 24 January 2008

Loneworking: new guidance published for employers

An increasing amount of organisations are employing lone workers, in all areas of industry and business. Flexible Working Regulations have enabled employees to enjoy the benefits of working from home; today’s 24–7 culture means that more companies are open around the clock; and greater automation in industry has meant a shift from the traditional 9–5 working day.

Lone working can be of great benefit to a business – but it also has its problems. Health and safety issues that affect traditional employees still apply – in some cases more so. Employment issues such as data protection and absence management are also paramount, and must be considered when employing people who work alone.

Loneworking 2008: Special Report, published by Workplace Law today, helps you get to grips with these issues, to determine whether lone working is a viable option for your business.

Using practical case studies, checklists and assessments, the report discusses the pros and cons of lone working, and what an employer must do to overcome the dangers, implement healthy and safe working policies, and ensure their lone workers are being cared for just as well as those in the traditional workplace.

Out of sight does not mean out of mind – particularly where health and safety is concerned. Do you:

  • regularly carry out risk assessments of the places your employees work, and the situations they work in?
  • have policies and procedures in place to prevent data loss, corruption or theft?
  • monitor your lone workers in the same way as your traditional workers?
  • have working procedures in place so that you know where your employees are – at any time?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, the Lone Working 2008: Special Report can provide you with essential guidance and advice, to help ensure you fulfil all your health and safety duties, and remain on the right side of the law.

Written by Health and Safety Lawyer, Dale Collins, from Bond Pearce, and Louise Smail, a Risk Consultant, and with contributions form the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, the Loneworking 2008: Special Report is essential reading for all those with responsibility for their employees’ health and safety. This report is written in the plain-English, jargon free style that you will find in all Workplace Law publications.

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