• International Workplace
  • 6 February 2018

Mandatory rest breaks: the latest in the Uber saga

In another development in the ongoing Uber workers’ rights saga, the taxi app has responded to criticism over excessive working hours by introducing a mandatory six-hour break for drivers who have worked for ten hours.

The move follows a statement last month that nearly a third of its 50,000 drivers in Britain are logged into the app for more than 40 hours a week, whilst just under 8% are online for more than 60 hours.

Excessive working hours is just one of many criticisms the company has faced about its business model and the company claims to be planning further changes as it battles to keep operating in London.

In December, Uber’s request to appeal a workers’ rights decision to the UK Supreme Court, skipping the Court of Appeal, was rejected. The ride-hailing app submitted a request to appeal directly to the Supreme Court a decision by a British Tribunal that said its drivers deserved workers’ rights such as minimum wage.

This decision to refuse this request means that the Court of Appeal will have to hear the case first.