• International Workplace
  • 21 March 2002

New guidance on facilities management contracts

A new guide for facilities managers and contractors has been published by the Workplacelaw Network. The Guide to Facilities Management Contracts (2nd Edition) covers a wide range of topics, including: contract formation and tendering, third party rights, services and specifications, duration, payment, TUP, termination, dispute resolution, partnering, and a review of standard forms of FM contract. This is a unique publication for the sector, and makes essential reading for anyone involved in contracts or outsourcing.

The 96-page Guide is written by Marc Hanson of CMS Cameron McKenna solicitors, and costs £49.50. The publication is sponsored by PEMAC FM. For more information, please call the Workplacelaw Network on 0870 777 8881 and quote ref. 25611814.