• International Workplace
  • 4 April 2017

Ofqual unveils new corporate plan

UK education sector regulator Ofqual has unveiled its new Corporate Plan, setting out its goals for the next three years. It’s primary focus will be on:

  • reform in both general and vocational & technical qualifications
  • the maintenance of assessment standards
  • effective use of the organisation’s resources

Ofqual’s Chief Regulator, Sally Collier, underlines its commitment to work closely with government on the redevelopment of functional skills qualifications, to make sure they remain relevant to employers. She also draws attention to the work being undertaken on apprenticeship reform and the development of ‘T-levels’, as part of what has been described as the biggest shake-up in post-16 education in Britain in year.

Recently announced T-levels for 16 to 19 year old technical students will be introduced from autumn 2019, and will allow students to choose from 15 different routes such as construction, digital or agriculture. As part of the course, all students will take part in an industry work placement.