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Major legal challenge to counter bogus self-employment culture launched

A major legal appeal case has been launched at the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) to tackle bogus self-employment in all sectors. The case is the first appeal launched by union Unite’s new Strategic Case Unit, which will focus much of it... Continue reading

Taylor review suggests new rates to discourage insecure work – but general election may delay findings

The introduction of a premium rate for zero-hours contracts could act as a deterrent to ‘lazy employers’ pushing job risks and insecurity on to workers, according to the head of a governmental review into employment practice. Matthew ... Continue reading

Want to be an International Workplace test pilot?

Would you like to become a volunteer Test Pilot for International Workplace? To help us test our growing portfolio of online courses and digital learning solutions before they go live, we’re bringing together a panel of volunteers ... Continue reading

Great Repeal Bill – what will happen to workers’ rights?

Workers’ rights post-Brexit have been addressed in a white paper published by the Department of Exiting the European Union: Legislating for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union. The paper explains how government will... Continue reading

ECJ ruling could lead to employers banning religious symbols at work

A ruling from the European Court of Justice will mean employers can bar staff from wearing visible religious symbols such as the burka, if it is included as part of prohibitions including other religious and political symbols. The ruling came in ... Continue reading

Responsibility of proving worker status may shift to employers

The burden of proving the status of a worker may be shifted from workers to employers, the chair of a government review into modern employment has suggested. Matthew Taylor, who was appointed by the Government in October to investigate whether &l... Continue reading

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