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ECJ ruling could lead to employers banning religious symbols at work

A ruling from the European Court of Justice will mean employers can bar staff from wearing visible religious symbols such as the burka, if it is included as part of prohibitions including other religious and political symbols. The ruling came in ... Continue reading

Responsibility of proving worker status may shift to employers

The burden of proving the status of a worker may be shifted from workers to employers, the chair of a government review into modern employment has suggested. Matthew Taylor, who was appointed by the Government in October to investigate whether &l... Continue reading

Transforming the employment prospects of disabled people: responses to the Government’s green paper

Responses to the Government’s document, Improving Lives: The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper, are recognising the key areas that need work in order to enable disabled people to stay in and get back to work. Published in October 2016... Continue reading

Revealed: most bizarre excuses for underpaying staff the National Minimum Wage

Ten of the most bizarre excuses used by bosses found to have underpaid workers the National Minimum Wage have been revealed by the Government. The list has been published to coincide with a new awareness campaign to encourage workers to check the... Continue reading

Spotlight on the costs of ill health

An unhealthy workforce significantly hurts the UK’s economy and society due to lost productivity, reduction in income tax receipts, increases in long-term sickness and increased healthcare costs, according to research by The Work Foundation.... Continue reading

Legal Brexit

During the UK’s 43 years as a Member State of the European Union, its legal framework has been heavily influenced by the application of EU-derived legislation across a wide range of practice areas and industries. The UK’s decision to l... Continue reading

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