• International Workplace
  • 7 April 2008

Sustainability Test: how green is your business?

As part of Workplace Law's Sustainable Workplaces Week, we wanted to find out our members’ views on sustainability, and so we’ve come up with the Sustainability Test.

This is not a piece of academic research – it’s intended to be a quick, fun survey to act as a litmus test of your own organisation’s commitment to sustainable working: Are you fed up of hearing about sustainability? Is your business taking it seriously? How much do you know what you are required to do by law?

The test covers the following areas, and takes less than five minutes to complete:

  • Your organisation’s commitment to sustainability
  • Energy performance of your buildings
  • Waste management
  • Transport and travel planning

Once you’ve completed the test you’ll be given a detailed profile of your responses, and you can compare your scores with your colleagues or friends in other organisations.

And while the test is a bit of fun, it’s also a genuinely useful tool for kick-starting the sustainability debate in your workplace.

Good luck!

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