• International Workplace
  • 9 September 2009

Workplace Law announces new regular online seminars

This Autumn we’re increasing the portfolio of Workplace Law content to our members in the latest most accessible forms; with the launch of new online seminars running regularly on Mondays from 14 September.


These free on line events will be available to all premium members, with some of the seminars also available to our standard members.


Workplace Law experts will give online seminars on relevant topics, with the opportunity for members to ask questions following the broadcast.


Topics will alternate between health and safety and HR/employment law issues and in the coming weeks we will be covering updates on the following: HSE, HRER, CDM, immigration law and risk assessments. A schedule will be published in the coming days.


The first seminar, on Employment Tribunals, will be presented by Jayn Bond, Head of HR at Workplace Law, at two p.m. on Monday 14 September and will be exclusively available free to all premium members.


Jayn will explain the mysteries and processes of an Employment Tribunal in easy-to-understand language and give you an overview of how to start to defend a claim, to understand what the procedure involves and what to expect on the day.


Invitation to the seminars will be by e-bulletin, which will be sent to all members that have access (i.e. either premium or premium plus standard) in the week preceding the seminar. We will also send a reminder on the day of the seminar.


If you have any comments regarding the online seminars or would like to suggest any future subjects then please email


To view previous seminars visit: