• International Workplace
  • 7 February 2008

Workplace Law launches "unique" e-learning NEBOSH course

Workplace Law has launched a brand new e-learning course today, which has been heralded by the industry as “unique”.

Workplace Law has flipped the traditional method of learning on its head, and have designed an e-learning package that is much more fun and interactive than traditional packages.

NEBOSH NatGen Direct, the name for Workplace Law’s NEBOSH National General Certificate e-learning course, features all the elements of traditional classroom learning but adds greater flexibility and speed by allowing students to study when it is convenient for them – ideal for the busy professional who finds it difficult to take time out of the office.

What’s more, the flexible course programme gives students all the support they need to successfully pass the NEBOSH exams whilst also cutting the cost of travel, which will save company money as staff spend less time away from the workplace.

NEBOSH NatGen Direct is about:

  • Fun. Alongside learning the theory of health and safety, students will actually take on the role of Health and Safety Manager at a virtual company called Jaffer Print, giving them the chance to practice their knowledge in a realistic environment with busy colleagues who need help to run the company.
  • Interactivity. There's much more to this course than studying text books – students will complete case studies, listen to interviews and podcasts, view videos, and reflect on practical health and safety in their own organisations.
  • Getting involved. When students enroll, they are not alone. They automatically become part of the Workplace Law Network's community of 50,000 members, with access to over 4 million words of news, case law, forums and briefings, updated every working day.
  • Support. Personal tutors will individually mark assessed exercises, mock exams, to give feedback, to make sure study is on track, and to help students prepare for the written and practical exams.

David Sharp, Managing Director of Workplace Law, says:

“E-learning has a relatively poor reputation among employers and students for being dull and dislocated. With our NEBOSH NatGen Direct course we have worked hard to produce an innovative, exciting web-based study programme that really gets students involved.

“As students in our Direct Study Centre, they will become the new Health and Safety Manager of a virtual company where they can really put their knowledge into action.

“It’s an enjoyable, educative role-playing experience, geared towards practical learning and exam success, backed up with regular personal feedback and comprehensive tutor support.”

For more information, call 0871 777 8881 or go to