• International Workplace
  • 19 March 2008

Workplace Law speaks to BBC about new corporate manslaughter law

Employers are unaware of the impact of new health and safety legislation which could see them heavily fined and shunned by customers and suppliers if found guilty of killing people by their actions, Workplace Law Network will say in an interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire tomorrow (Thursday 20 March).

The interview, scheduled to air at 7.30am, follows a survey of UK business managers conducted by Workplace Law Group, which examined how prepared organisations are for the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act, which comes into force on 6 April. The findings reveal that three quarters (73%) of firms do not know what health and safety cover their insurance provides, and that half (46%) have made staff aware of their health and safety policies but are actually failing to ensure that policies are being implemented in the workplace.

During the interview, Workplace Law’s Business Compliance Editor Claire Fuller will advise BBC listeners that the Act has wide-ranging implications for all employers – large or small, public or private – and could lead to corporations being heavily fined if their gross negligence leads to someone’s death.

To listen to the interview, tune into BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 96, 95.7FM, or listen live on the website on Thursday at 7.30am.

Workplace Law Group has published new guidance on the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, to help managers and directors get to grips with this key piece of legislation.

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act: Special Report is available as an electronic download for £99 including VAT or in printed hard copy format. More info>>

You can also assess how prepared you are for the new legislation, and obtain some guidance on key areas of health and safety management that must be addressed before the legislation comes into force, by taking the corporate manslaughter test >>