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The best – and worst – excuses for calling in sick

Sick employee absent absence staff phone ill
On our return to work from the last Bank Holiday of the year, there will be those who have perhaps decided to extend the weekend by an extra day, using a variety of different excuses to do so. But it appears bosses in the UK are getting wiser to the usual round of supposed illnesses and accidents, with recent research demonstrating that only one in five bosses consider a migraine a good ex...

Employment Tribunal claims down drastically

Employment Tribunal mock hearing case
Recent reports have drawn attention to a drastic reduction in the number of claims that are being brought by workers to Employment Tribunal.  The Government will be pleased. New legislation came into force in July 2013 – part of a raft of policies to cut so-called red tape – which required anyone bringing a claim against their employer to pay a fee in most cases. Since then, ET claim num...

BSI updates design and construction guidance for FM

BIM blueprint construction plans CDM design architecture
The British Standards Institution (BSI) has published updated briefing information for facilities managers to support its guidance on Building Information Modelling (BIM), which will be required on centrally-procured public projects from April 2016. BIM is a key part of the Government Soft Landings (GSL) policy designed to reduce cost and improve performance of asset delivery and operatio...

Government cracks down on firms employing illegal immigrants

Visa immigration passport
British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a further tightening of the Government’s policy on immigration that will have an impact on employers who fail to properly check the legal status of their workers. More stringent penalties have been put forward under a new immigration policy that could result in businesses who fail to police their workforce being forced to shut down for 48...