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International Workplace becomes ILM accredited

International Workplace has this week become accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) to deliver approved training at Levels 3 and 5. The new courses add to an existing portfolio of CIPD approved certificate qualifications and a raft of in house and public courses taught in the classroom, by blended learning and by eLearning. The first ILM courses start on 14 Septemb...

Top 10 CV frauds

CV accomplishment lie fraud
When searching for a new job, some candidates may be less than scrupulous at recording their achievements. From fibbing about past positions, to exaggerating qualifications, there are many ways in which a CV can be embellished or fabricated for personal gain. If you are managing the hiring process, this may present a challenge for you - when faced with a mountain of CVs how can you tell wh...

Information security: the new battle ground for building managers

data theft cyber security
Many of us will have seen the report this week about two researchers who managed to hack into the systems of new cars made by Fiat Chrysler and, through the cars’ entertainment systems, take control of various systems including the GPS and brakes.With the advent of the 'internet of things' - where all aspects of the home and workplace are interconnected - a single breach or point of failur...