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Professionalising FM: How an innovative partnership approach can benefit employee wellbeing

Facilities management workplace
The issues One in five employees across the UK regularly works unpaid overtime, while over half of those working at managerial level admit to working (often remotely) during their annual leave. The introduction of mobile data devices has meant the line between work and leisure time has become blurred, making it all the more difficult for many people to achieve a healthy work-life balance....

Commercial architecture: Five innovative office designs

sustainability environment green city future workplace
When it comes to office design, bigger isn’t necessarily better. An impressive interior isn’t the result of a spacious environment, but rather a creative and individualistic design. As businesses strive to become more forward-thinking, they’re looking closer to home in a quest to modernise their brands – and this starts with the office space. Industries are competing to create an environm...

Employers not seeing the benefits of the ‘fit note’ five years on

Doctor GP fit for work note back
According to a survey from Jelf Employee Benefits and EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, the Government’s ‘fit note’ scheme has failed to deliver a major reduction in unnecessary sickness absence five years after implementation. The scheme was introduced with the intention to help people back to work, but in its survey of 345 companies, manufacturing body, the EEF and Jelf Employee Ben...