• Lee Calver
  • 26 May 2015

Businesses not confident ESOS will provide sufficient savings

A new survey has revealed that almost half of the businesses covered by the Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) expect the scheme to cost them more than they will save on energy bills.

The survey of 205 companies, conducted by energy, carbon and water consultancy firm, Utilitywise, found that only 49% of businesses expected the cost of compliance to outweigh potential savings, while the majority of respondents said they would ignore the audit results.

Incredibly, just one in five said they will implement the recommended energy savings measures regardless, with 31% saying they will only make changes to their energy usage if they can be guaranteed to see significant savings.

ESOS requires all companies with more than 250 employees or a turnover of more than €50m to produce detailed reports on their energy use and efficiency every four years.

Statistics show that 31% of businesses impacted by the new rules have not started the process yet, with 21% of companies allegedly not planning to begin until the autumn.

Jo Scully, ESOS Project Manager at the Environment Agency, warns:

“We have been raising awareness over the last year by sending letters to more than 14,000 organisations, holding workshops, publishing guidance on our website and setting up a dedicated helpdesk. We recommend that businesses that need to comply start the process as soon as possible.”

If you haven’t yet commenced with your critical ESOS plans, contact International Workplace today on +44 (0) 871 777 8881 to make the all-important start.