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    IOSH Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing
    Empower your managers and supervisors to create a healthier, happier workplace
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    IOSH Managing Safely
    Public virtual classroom course (with live tutor) over 3 days: 17/18/19 May 2022
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    Innovative workplace learning solutions
    We simplify and nurture complex data to deliver innovative, technology-led, learning solutions for individuals and teams
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    IOSH courses
    The world's most popular health and safety courses, online, on site, or virtual classroom
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    NEBOSH courses
    Flexible NEBOSH-certified classroom courses, based on UK law
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    "A really intuitive system"
    Carefully curated and credentialled expert content, using artificial intelligence to deliver and track custom learning
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    Tailored classroom courses
    Helping you motivate and drive high performing teams
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Virtual classroom courses

Call us on 0333 210 1995 for information on our virtual classroom courses.

International Workplace Bringing you IOSH, NEBOSH and Health and Safety Training Courses

Discover the secret to workplace learning and better performing teams

Welcome to International Workplace, specialists in IOSH training.

Discover the secret to workplace learning and better performing teams. Much like our Cambridge pioneers, Francis Crick and James Watson, who in 1953 at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, found the structure of DNA, we've discovered our own secret relevant to the world of learning.

Through an unwavering commitment to nurture and care for data, we harness this to deliver exceptional insight for individuals, teams and employers.

Next year we enter our 25th year in business. We believe our resilience and commitment to constantly improve, has been the hallmark of our innovation for a quarter of a century. We are a leading workplace training provider in the UK and remain committed to provide innovative learning solutions to our clients and their teams. View some of our range of virtual classroom courses or call us on 0333 210 1995.


400+ micro-learning resources

Workplace management resources delivered in 5 minute bite-size chunks, scientifically proven to improve rentention and recall.

'Pulse' news updates

Refresh your team's knowledge with current and targetted news content, delivered to your inbox whenever you need it.

Industry benchmarking

See how your business performance compares to similar businesses. A unique and valuable feature included in your licence fee.

Data privacy and security

Workplace DNA® is ISO 27001 compliant and has a robust restoration and back-up function.


Flexible delivery

Study by mobile-ready eLearning, virtual classroom or in-house

Certified programmes

For operatives, supervisors, managers and directors

Highly rated

Recognised by learners, customers and industry awards

Value for money

Innovative and cost-effective solutions

Discover In-house training

25 years of personal service

Trusted advice, with a dedicated account manager to take care of your needs.

For you, not just for anyone

50+ courses, fully customisable to fit the way you do things where you work.

Saving you time and money

Instructor-led training delivered on your premises or via virtual classrooms, to make the most of your time and budget.

Quality you can rely on

Certified courses delivered by expert trainers, with 96% average approval rating.


Read what our customers are saying about International Workplace

"The course was very informative and packed with the relavant info. I found it very useful to be able to do some of the course on my phone. When i required info from your team, I had a prompt reply. Very satisfied"

IOSH Managing Safely eLearning

Renee Gregoire-Farley / West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

"The workbooks were very thorough and easy to understand. My learning was enhanced by the online course and questions that supported and reinforced the information in the workbooks. The staff were exceptional and dealt with any problems and questions that I encountered."

IEMA Foundation eLearning

Liz Rowse / Urenco

"The course was well laid out and easy to follow all the way through. The images really helped with the visualisation of the scenarios. The videos helped to lift off heavy reading. The option to have the course read out to you was a great touch and really helped throughout. Thankyou."

IOSH Managing Safely eLearning

Skye Sturdy / OCS