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    The news-driven digital update service designed to promote continuous learning at work
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    Carefully curated and credentialled expert content, using artificial intelligence to deliver and track custom learning
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Workplace DNA®

Putting you in control of your learning and development journey

Compliance training is a necessity in all organisations – from health and safety to data security, from HR best practice to environmental management. Annual refresher training is increasingly hard to keep on top of and increasingly irrelevant in a constantly-changing working environment. Our solution? Workplace DNA®.

Workplace DNA® is a genuinely innovative digital learning system that hosts over 400 microlearning resources and utilises machine learning to automate delivery, tracking and reporting of learner engagement, putting you in complete control of every learning journey.

Covering a vast range of knowledge, and designed to be easily accessible and digestible, Workplace DNA® uses continuous learning, based on daily news and constantly-updated content, to keep learners informed.

Why Use Workplace DNA®

  • No need for annual compliance training – a mixture of time-based campaigns and daily news stories keeps learners up to date.
  • Microlearning resources allow training to be undertaken at any time, in any place.
  • A dedicated account manager and quarterly reviews ensure managers benefit from the latest platform features and are able to set up their training easily and simply.
  • Easy to use interface for both learners and managers – less time spent setting up a brand new system, which is intuitive and simple.
  • In-depth analytics and reporting enable managers to easily identify learners who need assistance and those doing well.

Who is Workplace DNA® for?

  • The busy learning manager who needs to prove compliance and be assured their people are working well.
  • The overworked health and safety manager who doesn’t have time to run endless reports and chase up learners.
  • Individuals who want to learn how to operate more safely.
  • Teams who want to improve their safety culture.
  • Those who are keen to improve their knowledge to go for a promotion.
  • Anyone who wants to build competence and accelerate their career development.

To find out more about how Workplace DNA® can transform your workplace learning speak with a member of our team, just call us on 0333 210 1995 or email

Discover more about the benefits and features of Workplace DNA® by downloading our brochure

Discover A new way to learn at work

400+ micro-learning resources

Workplace management resources delivered in 5 minute bite-size chunks, scientifically proven to improve rentention and recall.

'Pulse' news updates

Refresh your team's knowledge with current and targetted news content, delivered to your inbox whenever you need it.

Industry benchmarking

See how your business performance compares to similar businesses. A unique and valuable feature included in your licence fee.

Data privacy and security

Workplace DNA® is ISO 27001 compliant and has a robust restoration and back-up function.

Workplace DNA® Performance Metrics
The Workplace DNA® service generates a unique DNA
score that goes up and/or down over time, to promote
continuous learning and remove the need for annual
refresher training.

Workplace DNA® measures every learner's performance and delivers insights around 4 key metrics:

  • DNA score
  • Pathway engagement
  • Study time
  • Resource completion

With Over 400 Resources

covering all aspects of workplace learning - take a look at the subjects below

Accident and incident reporting
BC and crisis management
Bribery and corruption
Competition law
Contract management
Data protection
Driving at work
Employment risk
Fire risk management
First aid
Health and safety
Migrant workers
Risk assessment
Work at height
Work equipment
Working practices
People and culture
Culture and human rights
Customer relations
Employee rights and relations
Equality and diversity
Flexible working
Modern slavery
Social media
Workplace and facilities
Accreditation and Standards
Energy performance
Pest control
Telecoms and media
Vehicles and transport
Waste management
Workplace design
Personal Development
Leadership and management
Manager skills
People skills

the new learning eco-system that's transforming workplace learning

Customer Reviews

Read what our customers are saying about Workplace DNA

“Workplace DNA is really enlightening, as it places the emphasis on learning rather than training and gives the learner the freedom to direct their own learning journey and benchmark their performance against sectors and colleagues along the way.”

Anne Lennox-Martin / Managing Director - FMP360 Ltd

“Workplace DNA is a completely new type of learning platform which has the potential to ‘disrupt’ the traditional eLearning format. Lots of people find eLearning boring as it doesn’t engage or hold attention, which is why this new concept is so interesting as it promises a ‘drip-feed’ of content that doesn’t feel like learning which might prove to be very popular!”

Beth Goodyear / Owner - FMHS Consulting

“The interface looks great. I applaud Workplace DNA for being truly learner-centric.”

Tom Robinson / Managing Director - Talent Tomorrow