• David Sharp
  • 9 December 2015

RICS calls for greater education and accreditation across FM sector

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has enlisted the support of senior FMs in the industry to promote its call for greater education, training and qualifications across the FM sector.

Dr Rachel Dick (Macro), Martin Holt (Bellrock), Dennis Markey (NHS Property Services) and Deborah Rowland (Ministry of Justice) have all backed the promotion of professional accreditation for FM, giving their reasons as to why they believe qualifications will help promote the perception of FM.

Rachel Dick, Senior FM Consultant at Macro says:

“FM professionals have always questioned how they add value to the organisations they serve and how to quantify it. Improving perceptions requires the sector to underpin knowledge with formal, recognised, standardised, accredited qualifications.”

Deborah Rowland, Head of Property Asset Management at the Ministry of Justice, echoes this view:

“FM will only be taken seriously as a profession if those in leading roles within the sector have the suitable qualifications to demonstrate their experience and knowledge.”

Martin Holt, Chief Executive of Bellrock, explains:

“I’m a wholehearted supporter of lifelong learning. We’re defined by our habits and, if our habit is to learn, then we achieve our true potential. Professional qualifications are a key part of the learning experience. They also offer people a route to maximise their own development and attractiveness to potential clients and employers.”

Dennis Markey, Chief Operating Officer at NHS Property Services, states:

“Often the in-house training that FM practitioners have received has been based around business requirements rather than personal development. So, if we can give these vastly experienced and valuable members of staff the opportunity to become chartered via the FM pathway, think how much they could harness all that knowledge for the good of the company and the industry as a whole.”

All four FMs are urging colleagues within the sector to investigate RICS’ training and chartered accreditation options.

Paul Bagust, Director of UK Commercial Property at RICS, comments:

“We welcome the support of leading FM professionals in our bid to help the sector become seen as a more professional, strategic business discipline. RICS’ training products and accreditation options – plus our ‘Aspire to Lead’ campaign as a whole – are all geared towards providing senior management skills that are currently lacking in the industry.”

International Workplace is currently working with RICS on the fourth series of strategic FM case studies, to be published in the spring.