• Christine Mould
  • 27 January 2016

The value of eLearning

The value of eLearning is growing in strength and is becoming a cost effective way of training large amount of employees. It can produce great results by not only decreasing your training costs but also improving performance throughout your organisation.

Although there is this growth a lot of people don’t understand the full value of eLearning and how it can be successfully introduced into your company. Fully appreciating the value of eLearning can help you make decisions about when and how it can be successfully incorporated into your training plans.

International Workplace will support you through the implementation of eLearning and have a range of off the shelf eLearning courses and a full development team that create bespoke eLearning developed to support your businesses requirements and reflect your companies culture.

Ways in which eLearning supports your business goals:

  • Improved training costs
  • Decreased travel costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Standardization
  • Full reporting allows you to easily monitor progress

Ways in which eLearning supports learners development:

  • Real-time access at a time and place to suit them
  • Interactive eLearning improves retention
  • Personalised learning, eLearning allows you to offer control to the learners in a way that classroom learning doesn’t.

Some of the factors that you need to be aware of when looking at eLearning are do you have a learning management system that can easily monitor users, do learners have access to the resources when the course is complete and are you able to retake the course if you fail.

These are all factors that International Workplace takes seriously and we have designed our own bespoke learning management system to help you monitor learners progress and to highlight any areas where your team is struggling so that it is easier to see any gaps in learning.

We have designed a range of introductory eLearning courses covering a range of health and safety, human resources and data protection issues. We are offering businesses the chance to trial these courses on our learning management systems so that you can view the quality of these courses and see for yourself how they will work for your employees. To book your free no-obligation trial call us or click below for more information on any of these courses.

International Workplace eLearning courses