• 18 November 2014

How do you deal with the issues surrounding office temperature?

As the days grow shorter, commuters are now facing the elements on their ways to work. Despite its decidedly mild introduction this year, winter is often the toughest season in the office. As it becomes colder, there are often office battles over climate - while some shiver, others remain toasty warm. Some happily continue their t-shirt traditions and others resort to chain-drinking tea to stave off the cold. 

Air conditioning and heater hire specialist, Andrews Sykes, previously published the results of a survey, revealing that office climate control woes could be costing the economy, in a serious way. As facilities managers struggle to cope with the ever-changing workplaces and workforces, the impact of poor climate control can be felt by employees and the bottom line, alike. 

To push home the survey’s results and simplify the stats, Andrews Sykes created a visualisation to summarise the impact of mismanaged office temperatures. 

Similar to the (now long-gone) summer, more than half of employees felt dissatisfied with their offices’ temperatures, feeling that during the winter the mercury was that bit too low. Women, as it happens, are more likely to feel the chill, with nearly 10% resorting to a hot water bottle to stave off the cold. According to the survey, men are only half as likely to say it’s “too cold” than their female counterparts. 

Space heaters and blankets were also common respites for employees, but Andrews Sykes advised that employees ask for their facilities managers’ guidance when plugging in power-consuming devices, such as heaters. 

For reference, they have included a notable temperature scale. Notable points include 16C, which is the minimum legal temperature for an office in the UK (13C if there’s vigorous work being done), whereas the Chartered Institute of Building Surveyors cites 20C as the recommended thermostat setting. 

No matter where your office mercury sits, it’s important that facilities managers are kept abreast of employees’ comfort levels, so that they may best adjust for different preferences. 

Take a look at the infographic and let us know about your office winter woes.