• Lee Calver
  • 18 November 2014

Road Safety Week is the perfect opportunity for organisations to look at road safety programmes

Road Safety Week is the UK’s biggest road safety event, involving thousands of schools, organisations and community groups every year. The event is coordinated annually by the road safety charity, Brake, and this year’s week-long initiative runs from 17-23 November.

The week is not only pertinent to the UK though - Road Safety Weeks and Days are taking place all around the world, so you can find out when an event is taking place in your country or area and how you can get involved, by clicking here.

The aim of the week is to encourage grassroots action on road safety and raise awareness about the part we can all play in preventing tragedies and helping to make roads safer.

Road Safety Week gives employers the opportunity to promote road safety in their workplace, as part of a huge national event, and using guidance and resources made available from Brake. Furthermore, it provides a useful focal point for road safety professionals to boost awareness and increase engagement in their work.

The theme of this year’s UK event is ‘Look out for each other’, and it is calling on drivers to protect people on foot and bike by slowing down to 20MPH in communities, looking twice and taking it slow at junctions and bends, and giving people plenty of room. It is also urging everyone to put safety first and be considerate to one another, encouraging people on foot and bike to never take chances, and make sure they can be seen.

It is the ideal opportunity for employers across the globe, especially those with staff who drive for work, to promote lifesaving messages and show commitment to road safety. This can make a huge difference to road safety as well as improving reputation, increasing staff morale and reducing costs at the same time.

If you have staff who drive for work, this week can help you fulfil your responsibility for the safety of your staff and people around them, reduce costly crashes involving company drivers and vehicles, and importantly contribute to safer roads.

Brake also describes Road Safety Week as a springboard to launch year-round safety programmes and a good way to develop and reinforce a safe driving culture among employees. Employers have a vital role to play in promoting the ’look out’ for each other message; at least a quarter (24%) of road deaths and serious injuries involve someone driving for work.

Brake is calling for organisers of Road Safety Week activities around the world to get in touch so they can promote the good work companies and communities are doing and share best practice.

Visit the Road Safety Week website to find out more and to get involved in this important initiative.