• International Workplace
  • 28 February 2008

Definitive guidance on the Corporate Manslaughter Act published today

Workplace Law Network has launched the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007: Special Report today, which has been published to provide managers, employers and directors with authoritative guidance on what the Act will really mean for business.

The new Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 is one of the biggest changes to health and safety law since the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Its influence will affect everyone with responsibility for the health and safety of employees, and will mean greater responsibility is put on the shoulders of managers and directors, to ensure that they are fully compliant, and not at risk of prosecution should an accident occur.

Workplace Law Network’s Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act: Special Report includes guidance and comment from some of the leading authorities on the subject, and will enable directors and managers to identify the risks, put measures in place to safeguard their fortunes and reputations, and to understand the full implications of the Act.

Detailing the history behind the long-awaited and controversial legislation, the Special Report will discuss how working practices may have to change for every business, to ensure that health and safety is put to paramount importance.

Corporate governance will have to be extended to integrate health and safety into wider strategies; directors will have to take personal responsibility for the safety of their organisations’ working practices rather than hiding behind worthless policies.

The report looks in detail at how the Act will affect both public and private sector, and the different roles within a company.

The Special Report will answer key questions such as:
  • How much will companies potentially be fined?
  • Will it be any easier to convict large organisations of manslaughter?
  • How will small businesses be affected?
  • What impact will publicity orders have on a company?
  • What affect will the Act have on insurance?
  • How does British law differ from international law?
  • Why has the legislation been implemented – is it purely a money-making exercise?
  • Will the Act actually improve health and safety in the UK?

Workplace Law Special Reports are published electronically*, meaning a wealth of information on the new Act is available at the click of a button. Listen to interviews with leading commentators, link directly to extensive sources of information on the Workplace Law Network, and to relevant legislation, and navigate easily and quickly to the information you want to read. For a sneak preview of what’s inside, click here»

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act: Special Report is available to be downloaded immediately. The report is available as an electronic download for £84.25 + VAT. Please call us on 0871 777 8881 to order today or click here» to order your copy online.

*Hard copy versions of this report are available priced at £99.00 including p&p - VAT is non chargeable on hard copy versions. You can only order hard copies of this report by calling us on 0871 777 8881. Hard copy versions are printed on an ‘on demand’ basis and will take five working days for delivery.