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  • 30 April 2007

New and updated Policies and Procedures from Workplace Law Group!

Comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date policies and procedures are essential for all employers to ensure that they comply with the latest employment law and health and safety legislation. Employers must be aware of what they need to do to ensure compliance with continually changing legislation and to avoid costly tribunals and prosecutions. Keeping up to date with all these issues is a complex task, and one that most managers would rather delegate to someone else – and that’s where Workplace Law Group comes in!

Our expert team of lawyers, consultants, and advisors has produced a series of 21 completely revised and updated Policies and Procedures, covering all the major areas of risk to employers. Each title in the Policies and Procedures series comes in two parts:

  • a Template policy that is issued electronically in MS Word format, which can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs;
  • an accompanying Management guide that explains all the relevant legislation behind the policy.

Both are written in the plain-English, jargon-free style you will find in all Workplace Law publications. Each policy and guide is downloadable, giving you instant access when you purchase, and when the title is updated, the update is free within 12 months of your purchase.

There are 21 policies in the series to date, covering all aspects of employment law, from risk assessment to discrimination, from health and safety to data protection, from flexible working to redundancy.

New legislation

Over the last 12 months a great deal of legislation has come in affecting employers directly, and all Workplace Law’s Policies and Procedures have been updated to reflect this.

Changes have recently taken effect in the area of Work and Families, with increases in maternity, paternity and adoption pay as well as the right for all mothers to take up to one year’s maternity leave, and the right to request flexible working on their return.

Also of importance to employers is the new legislation regarding smoking at work – from 1 July, it will be illegal to smoke or permit smoking in all workplaces and most public places, with the onus (and the fine) on the employer or owner of the premises to enforce the ban. No-smoking policies are being advocated by Government as the best way to implement the ban in workplaces, so an up-to-date and accurate policy is a must.

Other subjects covered in the Policies and Procedures series include Waste Management, an issue that will prove more contentious in the summer as the new WEEE regulations take force, and Legionella, which all employers potentially at risk from this hazard should be aware of.
Future policies in this series will include Absence Management, Employee Privacy and Working with Hazards.

Are your organisation’s policies up to date?

Employers can pick and choose the individual policies and procedures that will suit their business, or select a discounted pack on various subject areas such as health and safety, or premises management.

You can order any titles in the Policies and Procedures series online at

Policies are FREE for corporate members
As a corporate member of Workplace Law Group, employers can access the complete series of Policies and Procedures for free, along with a range of other benefits. For details about membership of the Workplace Law Group, or to upgrade your current membership to our corporate package, contact Workplace Law on 0870 777 8881