• International Workplace
  • 25 June 2013

Workplace Law CDM research report published by APS

For months now there has been plenty of talk about the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) proposed changes to the CDM Regulations 2007, and despite delays in preparing the draft regulations, a review is expected in the imminent future.

In November 2012, Workplace Law conducted a survey of its construction members to gauge the views of appointing a CDM Coordinator (CDMC).

The survey stemmed from the proposed HSE re-write, which suggested there was potential for the CDMC role to be removed with responsibility falling to the Lead Designer.

The aim of the review was to establish the overall approach to appointing a CDM Coordinator, specifically looking at:

  • How effective clients believe the role of the CDMC is on their construction projects in managing health and safety risk.
  • Who the client uses to undertake the CDMC role.
  • At what stage is the appointment made.
  • Whether competency is considered as part of the appointment of a CDMC and what clients look for as part of this assessment.
  • Whether health and safety performance is assessed during construction phase and how this data is used.

In its June Digest, the Association for Project Safety (APS) published an article explaining the industry’s concerns about the future involvement of CDMCs, citing our extensive research and report, ‘The Responsibilities of CDM’, which can be downloaded here.

Commenting, Simon Toseland, Head of Health and Safety at Workplace Law, said:

“We were delighted that the Association for Project Safety have used our research which, for me, demonstrates that having a Competent CDM who is appointed early enough can really make a difference and add real value to a project. Should the HSE decide to go ahead with their decision (to revoke the CDMC role) we will use this data to support our case to challenge it.”

The APS is currently working hard to show the significant benefits that the CDMC can bring in helping a project finish on time, on budget and fit for purpose. From our survey, it was encouraging to see that many 56% of clients look for membership of the APS as an important part of the CDMC competency assessment.

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