• International Workplace
  • 19 November 2007

Workplace Law is 12 today!

The Workplace Law Network is today celebrating its 12th birthday. Established in 1995, the company is one of the fastest growing networks in the country, specialising in employment law, health and safety and premises management. 

The Workplace Law Network is a unique membership service providing information and advice to more than 50,000 members. We are an established network, providing daily news, case reports, white papers and briefings, online advice and telephone support. 

Over the years the company has seen many changes in terms of both the market and the way services can be provided, and we continue to strive to meet our members’ needs.  David Sharp, Managing Director of Workplace Law says: 

"12 years in business is a great achievement for any company and I am extremely proud of what Workplace Law has achieved in that time. We have a great team in place and we continue to provide services for some of the biggest and best known organisations in the UK. We will be looking to continue our growth in the next year and to take Workplace Law to a wider audience than ever before."