• International Workplace
  • 24 October 2017

BIFM issues revised guidance on selecting FM software

The British Institute of Facilities Management has published a revised Good Practice Guide on the critical issues involved in selecting and implementing a software solution for facilities management. 

The updated Good Practice Guide to FM Software is designed to help those in the FM sector find the right software application for their business. It also explores all the factors that must be considered, such as functionality, finance and training, so that FM professionals can implement their chosen software. 

BIFM’s Research and Information Manager, Peter Brogan, said:

‘’The profession of facilities management is now one of the fastest-growing and strategically-important parts of an organisation’s operational structure. To reflect this development, there has been a corresponding consolidation in the types of supporting software. Therefore, it’s important to provide guidance on this subject so that FM professionals can understand the benefits of different systems and maximise the bespoke software solutions available to them.”

Good Practice Guide author, Annie Gales, Director of the Service Works Group, said:

‘’This guide is the perfect tool to helping FM professionals make their processes more efficient and cost effective. It highlights the key considerations that must be addressed in advance of vendor selection and explores some of the many technological innovations and resulting trends in the current market place that may influence decision-making processes in the FM sector.” 

Specific areas covered in this guide are: 

  • what software applications are available;
  • understanding your business processes;
  • initial assessment for an FM system;
  • the invitation to tender;
  • developing an implementation plan;
  • training requirements; and
  • industry trends.

The BIFM FM Software Good Practice Guide is available at