• International Workplace
  • 9 August 2007

Fire safety and disability guidance launched

Workplace Law’s Fire and Disability 2008: Special Report was launched today.

The report, which is available as a PDF download, aims to provide responsible persons with all the information they need to reconcile fire safety and disability.

As well as the legal requirements provided by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), the report covers:

  • guidelines – British standards, Building Regulations, Government guidance; 
  • management procedures – evacuation plans, risk assessments, ‘buddy’ systems; 
  • building procedures – refuges, evacuation chairs, emergency lighting; 
  • essential information on the range of auxilliary aids available to assist disabled people in an evacuation; and 
  • any other specific fire safety considerations arising from different disabilities.

There are around 10 million adults covered by the provisions of the DDA whose safe evacuation from the workplace rests with ‘responsible persons’ within the organisation (employers or any other person who may have control of any part of the premises) rather than the Fire Service.

This special report costs £84.00, and will help you to make sure every person and every option is considered and catered for when planning for a fire situation.

To buy Fire Safety and Disability 2008: Special Report, click here or call 0871 777 8881.