• International Workplace
  • 16 May 2017

IEMA clarifies syllabus changes

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) has clarified transitional arrangements to some of its existing approved courses prior to the launch of its new Certificate in Environmental Management.

The new IEMA Certificate course has been created to provide a more comprehensive introduction to sustainability and environmental management, which will lead to the new grade of IEMA practitioner member (PIEMA). The new course is expected to come on stream later this year, though it will not form part of International Workplace curriculum.

In the meantime, the current IEMA Associate course – which was due to be replaced in June 2017 – has had its life extended to December 2017, until the new Certificate course is ready.

Confusingly, the former IEMA Foundation course was discontinued earlier this year and has been replaced by the new syllabus IEMA Foundation course, which is taught by International Workplace.

So, to simplify:

  • IEMA Certificate course: comes on stream later in 2017, not taught by International Workplace.
  • IEMA Associate course (outgoing syllabus): is still live until Dec 2017, no longer taught by International Workplace.
  • IEMA Foundation course (new syllabus): is live and taught by International Workplace in both eLearning, in company and public classroom formats. The next classroom course takes place in London from 30 Oct to 3 Nov 2017.
  • IEMA Foundation course (old syllabus): has been discontinued by IEMA.

If you have any questions please do contact our Course Advisor, Junior Ogiehor, on +44 (0)333 210 1995 or email