• International Workplace
  • 6 May 2003

Model Health and Safety Policy Launched

The Workplacelaw Network has published a new model document with extensive guidance notes to help UK businesses make sure they have a comprehensive, up-to-date health and safety policy. All businesses employing five or more people are required to have a written health and safety policy under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The Health and Safety Policy and Management Guide version 1.0 (ISBN 1-900648-35-0, £59.99) contains a model policy document, which employers can customise for their own needs, and a comprehensive management guide to help them develop and police their own health and safety policy. The document and guidance are published in association with Kennedys solicitors.

David Sharp, Managing Director of the Workplacelaw Network, commented:

"This is the latest in a series of practical model templates which businesses can use to help comply with their legal responsibilities. The management guide is equally useful to help managers drive the importance of health and safety home to senior executives - there's no point having a policy at all if it doesn't have any teeth."

The Health and Safety Policy and Management Guide version 1.0 is available in MS Word format as an electronic download from the Workplacelaw Network online - - or by calling 0870 777 8881. A 10% discount is available to members of the Workplacelaw Network, BIFM, IFMA, RIBA or RICS. Please quote ref. 1428 when ordering.

Further information is available from Sam Colella on 0870 777 8881.


Notes for Editors

1. The need for a written health and safety policy

Employers are required under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 to have a written policy if they employ five people or more.

2. What the policy and guidance covers

The Health and Safety Policy and Management Guide version 1.0 provides businesses with a strategic positioning statement which specifies the structures and systems they have in place to demonstrate that they take health and safety matters seriously. The policy is designed to operate as the core control document under which all the other model health and safety policies available from the Workplacelaw Network sit.

The 11-page template policy comes with a comprehensive 42-page Management Guide with instructions on customising the policy and implementing it in the workplace. It includes seven useful appendices:

_ Index of Health and Safety Policies form
_ Health and Safety Master Plan form
_ Sample Individual Health and Safety Plan form
_ Health and Safety Plan Overview (explains what is required from a plan and how to create one)
_ Sample - Safe Working Procedures Index form
_ Sample - Safe System of Work (SSW) Procedure form
_ Appendix 7: Safe System of Work Overview (explains what is required from an SSW Procedure and how to create one).

3. About the Workplacelaw Network

The Workplacelaw Network supplies legal support and information to over 36,000 UK managers and employers, including property, HR and health and safety managers. See for more information. Press contact: Sam Colella, 0870 777 8881,

4. About Kennedys Solicitors

Kennedys Solicitors is one of the leading dispute resolution firms in the City of London. The firm is a major player in the insurance/reinsurance dispute resolution field and also has a great depth of expertise in areas such as health and safety law, employment law, clinical negligence, construction, insolvency and company and commercial law. Press Contact: Wendy Notowicz, 020 7638 3688.